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LD20: Passing Through Chains of Entities Works Now

Even without Pedestrians, I might have implemented one of the items on the list since I wanted to change the behavior of package passing.

Now when a package is being shoved down a chain, the last courier in the chain receives the package. Technically, the only entities that would break the chain are the VIP and the Enemy Agents, so it should work once Pedestrians are in. I won’t scratch it off my list, however, until I code up some Pedestrian entities and test it out.

I’m getting concerned that my game world is too big. As I playtest, I realize that I’ve never made it all the way across to the VIP before the agents intercept my couriers, and it’s kind of tedious to click click click to get there. If Pedestrians make it take even longer to get to the VIP, I might need to shrink the plaza to avoid player tedium and RSI.

What’s left:
– moving the agents towards the package holder
– win condition check
– lose condition check
– allow multiple couriers to move during move phase
– shove passes through chain of couriers to last courier instead of next one
– shoving package through pedestrians
– adding pedestrians
– moving pedestrians

5 hours left to go. Who wants to go for a stroll through the plaza?