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LD18: Let’s Keep on Jammin’!

I missed the deadline for the main compo, but I can still submit my game to the Ludum Dare Jam. The deadline is 24 hours after the end of the compo, so I have until 9PM tonight to finish this game.

After a good night’s rest, I woke up with bug fixes. Seriously, I was lying in bed, slowly waking up, and I thought, “Oh, yeah, I implemented cooldown for the entities after they attack, but I forgot to ensure that cooldown ends.” I fixed a crash bug which also prevents the creatures from trying to leave the world map. And I improved the exploration mode of the AI so that the entities should no longer wiggle or fidget. They pick a direction and go until they reach it. I found that the reason why the hero was getting stuck in place. It was due to the fact that I was checking if he had reached a very exact location, and with his speed, he sometimes overshoots it. When he tries to go back to it, he overshoots again, forever. I enlarged the collision detection box to compensate.

When I finished Iteration 4, I found out that accidentally implemented some stories from Iteration which deal with entities attacking each other. I’ve simplified combat so if entities are not in cooldown and are touching, they’re attacking. That implementation left Iteration 5 fairly moot. In fact, I decided to skip the remaining story in Iteration 5 which dealt with some nuanced AI that I’m not even going to look at, so I’m on to Iteration 6. You can see the backlog of skipped story cards under the Iteration card.

Iteration 5 finished quickly; On to Iteration 6

I’m pretty excited. It’s only 10AM, and I’m on the last two iterations. Iteration 7 is basically sound effects and packaging the game up, and frankly (and sadly), sound is optional at this point. B-)