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Vote for MiniLD #20 Entries!

While MiniLD is usually much more loose than a regular Ludum Dare competition, I am running horribly late when it comes to closing this competition properly. That said, it’s time to vote!

Voting is only open to those who submitted a game. It’s an opportunity for everyone to congratulate each other, provide feedback, and play some quirky and interesting games! Even if you can’t vote, you’re more than welcome to check out the finished games yourself.

With 24 submitted entries, MiniLD #20 was one of the biggest! Considering the special rule of “Only One of Each”, a lot of people rose to the challenge. Some of the games are artistic and experimental, some were haunting, some were clever, and some were just plain fun.

2 replies on “Vote for MiniLD #20 Entries!”

THANK you so much for opening up the voting and helping the community at large with your wrap up posts. Much appreciated. You are one classy guy, and I would officially call Mini LD #20 a resounding success. YOU ROCK!

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