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MiniLD #20 Is a Go!

I’m hosting the MiniLD #20 this month, and it starts……NOW!

Theme: Greed.

Special rules: Only One of Each.

In programming, it’s easy to make lots of copies of objects. Well, I’m putting a stop to that! For this MiniLD, you’ll need to ensure that every object in your game is unique. If you build a wall, there better be a single wall (it doesn’t matter how complex it is) and not many tiles composited together to make a wall (unless all of those tiles are completely different from each other, which might make an interesting game…) Granted, maybe everything derives from a common object, but you can’t have two objects that are exact copies of each other. If that means you can only make a few objects, then work within those constraints. B-)

Optional secondary theme: Fishing. Just because.

You have 48 hours to make a game using the above theme and rules and optional secondary theme. Go!

4 replies on “MiniLD #20 Is a Go!”

Question: does that include code inheritance, or are we only speaking about carbon copies of game entities that the player can see?

The contest was a huge success – 23 entries, wow!

I have a huge favor to ask. It would mean the world to me.

Please, I beg of you, post a results page (even if there are no votes and it is just *your* opinion) we need closure and feedback. See this as what I expected:

Please refer to Mini LD #19 in the link above for an example of how other admins did a great job hosting their MiniLDs.

Without a page like that, I’ll be so depressed.

No results = no fun. If you have any generosity or community spirit supportiveness in you, please do us all this huge kindness and I will sing your accolades and praise your efforts. I will be truly grateful. I will owe you a favor. And I will think that you are a super cool guy. And I will join future Mini LDs.

– McFunkypants

THANK you so much for opening up the voting and helping the community at large with your wrap up posts. Much appreciated. You are one classy guy, and I would officially call Mini LD #20 a resounding success. YOU ROCK!

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