LD#15 Results Are In!

It’s 2 weeks later, and Ludum Dare #15 is officially over. The results are in, and I placed 5th…in the Community category. Unfortunately there was no food category this time around, or I could have gotten the gold in that one. B-)

Seriously, congratulations to the makers of the top ten overall entries! The #1 overall game was Beacon by ChevyRay, which was also featured on IndieGames.com’s Freeware Game Pick not too long ago. Congratulations to ChevyRay for making a splash there!

I’ll have a post-mortem of the Mineral Miner soon, but here’s a summary of how I did: badly in graphics and audio, decent in humor and fun, and well in innovation and theme. A number of people REALLY hated the audio, but they seemed to really like the actual game play. When people are unhappy that there is only one level, it means I left them wanting more in a good way. B-)

My entry ranked #63 overall, being 87th out of 144 entries. There were a number of ties for various placements, so the ranking only goes to #107. I’m a little disappointed in how well my entry did, but there was some great competition. I did much better in LD#13, but I still consider this Ludum Dare to be a success for me. I had a finished game by the end of 48 hours, one that got some great feedback from players. I got to practice skills from the game design concepts course I took this summer, and I would say they really helped me put this game together before a single line of code was written.

Once again, congratulations to the winners! There are some fantastic games in the mix!

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