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Plants vs Zombies Developer Interview

In my post on Plants vs Zombies, I was lucky enough to have one of the people deeply involved in the production of the game answer some of the questions I had about the design process and behind-the-scenes work. I have been waiting for an in-depth interview with George Fan, the designer and creator of the game.’s interview with George Fan is a short one, and it isn’t as in-depth as I would like, but Fan does answer some questions about how the game came about.

In other interviews, he has said that he was innovating on the tower defense genre, mainly by improving the accessibility.

My goal was to take the tower defense standards and simplify them down to the point that almost anyone could pick up and play. With that in mind, I kept the playfield small and removed some of the things found in traditional tower defense that might not be as intuitive.

He mentions the humor aspect being a big focus as well.

There’s no word on whether or not a sequel to the game is in the works, but Plants vs Zombies is being ported to other platforms, including XBLA.

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I totally know what you mean, I was left with a limited set of questions as Garth Chouteau mentioned in the article, they’re working on something big and didn’t have a lot of time for a lengthy interview. I’d have loved to find out if George had some sort of voodoo power to know about MJ before he created the dancing zombie.

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