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LD#14: GUI and Gooey

I’ve been hard at work, and I’ve been making some decent progress. I can load the level and render it, so that’s good. I have a basic economy that updates based on income, but I don’t have a way to spend it yet or a way to let you know how much you’ve hoarded.

Unfortunately, I ran into the problem of handling the GUI. I want to know when the player has clicked a button, and even though I read up on IMGUI techniques beforehand, I forgot to use them! Suddenly I found myself with code that I needed to gut because it doesn’t work. IMGUI is simple, but there’s only so much time left in the compo.

So let’s eat. I baked one of my favorite LD staples: vegan pizza!
The LD staple: vegan pizza!

Eating it in sandwich form is much more efficient:
Much more efficient in sandwich form

I also made some oatmeal and cranberry cookies:
Making cookies

Just finished:
Finished cookies!

“What an incredible smell you’ve discovered!”
What an incredible smell you've discovered!

Back to GUI code. Hopefully I’ll get something resembling game play soon. Why does it always happen at the end of the compo? Sheesh.