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Ludum Dare #14 Is Here!

It’s time for another 48-hour solo game programming competition! Ludum Dare is fun, and you get to show off your game development hacking skills by producing a finished game at the end of a weekend!

My first LD was #11, and I produced Minimalist. I’ve since improved it to create Walls, and since then I’ve created a Facebook application based on the same game play called Sea Friends. And all of that happened because I spent a weekend in April last year creating a game in 48 hours!

The theme is announced tonight at 10:00 PM Central Time. Good luck to all who are participating!

As always, I’ll be live blogging here and on the official Ludum Dare blog, and this time around I’ll also be tweeting. Follow me @GBGames.

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One reply on “Ludum Dare #14 Is Here!”


I figured you’d be going at it again! I’m going to try again m’self — hopefully I won’t fail quite as completely as last time. 🙁


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