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Thousander Club Update: April 6th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 576 (previous three years) + 101.5 (current year) = 677.5 / 1000
Game Ideas: 775 (previous three years) + 10 (current year) = 785 / 1000

I broke 100 hours for this year! Around this time last year I was only at 40 hours, and two years ago I was around 75 hours. Compared to previous years, I’m doing well, although I still feel that I’ve been moving somewhat slowly. It seems I move in spurts, especially for Ludum Dare competitions, punctuated by long periods of little to no progress. I need to work on firing my cylinders a bit more evenly.

I have been working on marketing my Facebook game Sea Friends, but it seems that most people have lost interest in the game soon after finding it. If you have a Facebook account and wouldn’t mind checking out the game, let me know what you think of it. I’d love to get more feedback from players.

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I was looking for pm, blogs for an end of term project and stumbled across your site. I played the sea friends game on fb and thought I’d comment.

I think there are several reasons for the lack of following. When I searched for sea friends on fb apps, it did not come up. About a million sea creature games came up tho. A name change? something more unique?

As for the game its self, I completely understand the lack of following after finding the game. No offense but it’s boring. There is little to no challanged. I made it to level 56 in like 3 mins. There’s also very little transition between levels to keep it interesting. Like maybe a second fish to keep alive or other obsticles to by pass. The game play goes very fast, but with no interest after you get the hang of it around level 3. So really, I just killed my self, because I didn’t see the need to move further.

The game premise isn’t bad, but lack of challange is probably the biggest reason for a lack of following.

Hope having feedback helps

Thanks for the feedback, Sarah! And no, I’m not offended. I’ve gotten a bit of feedback about the challenge. Players have told me that the game is too easy, or the difficulty ramps up too quickly.

In either case, the challenge isn’t very well designed.

And I agree about the lack of variety. I thought about a sequel in which the challenge comes not only from the increasing amount of algae but also in having to feed the fish in a specific order. Perhaps there would be walls that the food couldn’t pass through.

In any case, the game as it stands definitely needs work.

Thanks again!

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