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Spore’s Reception

The Brainy Gamer writes about Spore and the rush to judgement against it. It seems that after all of the hype, the critics think the game is quite lame. Basically, it’s too simplistic for people who are used to playing games that need all 15 buttons on a controller (even though those same “hardcore” people would whimper if set in front of NetHack). Will Wright has said that Spore was meant to be more accessible. Essentially, Spore is a casual game that you didn’t find on Yahoo! games or PopCap.

As Anthony Salter said:

Will Wright has created the ultimate casual game.

That costs $50 and requires a pretty hot computer to play.

It’s this schizophrenia that is driving everybody crazy.

He likes the game. Mike Abbott likes the game, saying “Approaching Spore as a game with its own utterly unique agenda; and accepting, even admiring, its insistence that this experience be accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike – both are pivotal to understanding what Spore is all about.”

Do I like the game? I haven’t played it. Apparently Spore has some crappy so-called DRM solution attached to it, and it’s definitely not available for Gnu/Linux, so my choice is to boot up Windows AND suffer this DRM crap, or play a different game on my preferred system. It’s too bad. If things were different, I’m sure I would have liked Spore, too, but I refuse to pay for a steak dinner delivered on a garbage can lid.

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