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LD#12 Results Are In

The latest Ludum Dare results have been announced. Congratulations to Hamumu, Fiona, and Notch!

I didn’t do very well with Tower Defender itself. Each rating is scored of 5:

Overall: 2.33
Fun: 2.05
Innovation: 2.95
Theme: 3.62
Polish: 1.76
Graphics: 2.57
Audio: –
Humor: 2.64
Technical: 2.10
Food: 4.07
Journal: 4.33
Timelapse: 3.80

Overall, my game placed very low. Still, I managed to come away with the gold medal for my journal and the bronze medal for my food entries. My timelapse video came in 4th place. I rule at participation.

I intend to rule LD#13 in December, though. I’m going to spend the next couple of months getting ready for it.