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LD#12: More Design

I was sketching out some of the interactions and just trying to make myself aware of what it is I am tackling with only 8 hours left.

More design

Based on these notes, I think my schedule should be as follows:

  • Code to draw tower based on height (determined by difficulty, a nice to have later on).
  • Draw an enemy sprite.
  • Code to move enemies up the tower.
  • Code to determine that game is over if they reach top of tower.
  • Code to mouse over an archer.
  • Draw an arrow.
  • Code to move arrow.
  • Code to handle collision of arrow and enemy.

And after all of that, I should have a good base to work with. I’ll see how much time is left and make further plans when those are done. The cool thing is that I can start writing unit tests again for the classes I’ll be writing.

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