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LD#11 Results Are In

The Ludum Dare #11 ratings period is over, and the results are in. it seems that I didn’t do too badly. The rankings were out of a possible 5:

Overall: 3.50
Fun: 3.68
Innovation: 2.93
Theme: 4.43
Polish: 3.36
Graphics: 2.57
Audio: 2.96
Humor: 2.83
Technical: 2.54
Food: 4.38
Journal: 3.96
Timelapse: 3.62

My game came in 7th place for the Theme, 10th place for Fun, and 20th place Overall. I did better as a participant, as I came in 6th place for my journal entries and 8th place for my timelapse. Oh, and I won 1st place for food! I have to thank Mandy for her amazing work in the kitchen because I am pretty sure it was her stir fry and not my peanut butter pickle and raisin sandwich that won me the votes, even if it did get me a trophy.

The winning meal:

LD11 Friday Dinner

My lowest scores were for Technical and Graphics, which isn’t too much of a surprise for me since I was spending part of the competition learning how to use SDL. I received quite a few 5s and 4s for Fun, which is gratifying. I’m a little surprised that I got some strong votes for Humor. I never intended for the game to be funny, but some people said that it made them laugh when they finally lost after focusing so hard for over 100 levels.

Check out my Ludum Dare submission at GBGames presents Minimalist- the final version. There are GNU/Linux and Windows versions available. Congratulations to all who competed and finished, especially to mrfun, mjau, and Hamumu!

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