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LD#11: GBGames presents Minimalist – the final version

I did it! I finished a game for Ludum Dare #11!

You can see my final post at the Ludum Dare blog. is a 12.4MB download.

It includes the entirety of my project’s source in a zip file ( and a GNU/Linux-ready tar.gz file (ld11-minimalist-gbgames-linux-x86-r12.tar.gz).

The source is ready to be used to build a linux-x86 distributable tar.gz. I created it using my Ubuntu system. I am sure it can be made to build a Win32 version without too many changes, if any.

EDIT: mrfun was kind enough to create a Windows version of my game. You can get it at the official final version post.

I’ll write a post-mortem after I’ve had some sleep and cleaned my apartment. If I learned anything, it is that the kitchen goes to entropy during Ludum Dare.

10 replies on “LD#11: GBGames presents Minimalist – the final version”

I was thinking about joining in, but minimalism wasn’t too motivating of a theme for me, so I was void of ideas.

Not having a Win32 version easily available will hurt you a lot when it comes to votes.

I was asking if anyone was available to port it during and after the competition, and while I wait, I’ve been working on updating my build scripts to make a Win32 version.

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