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LD#11: Good Morning!

After spending the evening trying to figure out what to do, I went to sleep.

Some of my ideas:

  • Ikebana (thanks, Mandy!)
  • Avoid the Ball
  • Avoid the Walls
  • One Shot Space Invaders

The first one involves the Japanese art of flower arrangement, and it would seem on paper to make a good game, but I am not sure how I would go about making it in 48 hours. The last one is the idea that instead of having unlimited shots to kill Space Invaders, you get only one. You have to depend on a chain reaction explosion to kill them all, so it would be more like a puzzle game. The middle two seem the easiest to make, so I might stick with them since I need to spend a bit more time just getting my code base working than most of the other contestants.

It seems that minimalist games can sometimes be very complex things to create.

I’ll take a quick shower and have some breakfast, and then it is back into the thick of things.