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My Knighthood Story So Far

Knight Corvus sent me an invitation to join him in his army, and I could not refuse. I joined him as a squire, intent on moving up through the ranks of Knighthood. Of course, I had my own castle to run, and soon enough, I had built up a formidable army of my own. The market was healthy, the workshop was busy upgrading my defenses, and the walls, palisades, and watchtowers kept it all safe. As a knight, I served as a strong arm for Knight Corvus. Once I gained the title of Baron, however, I knew it was time to leave my liege and strike out on my own.

I was sovereign now, but I was attacked by more than a few people attempting raids on my treasury. More and more of my friends joined my army at my invitation, and my castle was much more secure due to their help. Still, the raids kept coming.

Looking at the numbers, I knew that if I didn’t find a way to add more bodies to my castle, my army would be weak in comparison to other armies, especially in the face of alliances. I was continually attacked, occasionally losing money, but thankfully I never lost a vassal. I realized I needed to seize my own vassals if I was to stay ahead.

My first attempts were unsuccessful. Perhaps I was new to the kidnapping game, but I could not capture my first target. After multiple attacks on my part, I gave up. My next attempts were more fruitful. I pressed the attack on Knight Ajdin’s capital until I was to emerge victorious: Knight Chris was now my vassal. Though he is still loyal to Knight Ajdin, he has become a very productive member of my workshop. Perhaps by the end of the next day, he shall give no second thought to swearing fealty to his new liege.

Soon to join Knight Chris was Lady Lainey, formerly of Knight David’s service, and Knight Moti, who I am sure Knight Art shall miss. Then again, perhaps not. No attempts to save these vassals have come.

Knight Geoff has been somewhat more concerned about his former vassals. Knight Carl and Knight Tim are spending the next couple of days in my newly built Tower. Knight Geoff has attacked me multiple times in the past day, and though my defenses hold strong, I do not want to take any chances. There have been random attacks by other armies as well, and if fortune goes to Knight Geoff, he may find that my army has weakened before he arrives with fresh attackers.

My strategy seems to be working so far. I have not lost so much as a single piece of gold to a raiding army, and as I gain more and more vassals, I’m sure I will be able to continue to support my fortifications while also expanding my capital. Still, I fear that all of my efforts will be for naught. I do not have the heart to dedicate all of my waking hours to my castle, and in the face of strong alliances, I do not see how I can hope to become the highest ranking knight in all of the kingdoms.

For now, however, I will enjoy sleeping, knowing that Knight Geoff’s cries of anger are echoing in his streets. I left him his best knight, though, and I wish he would show a bit more gratitude at my generosity. Perhaps if our paths cross again, I will allow him to join my army as a reward for amusing me with his persistence.

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Heh. I’ve not had the time to babysit my castle as much as I might care to. Thus far I’m liking it better than Warbook, though.

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