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My Continuing Knighthood Story

The following story could be described simply. I was attacked by Viscountess Melissa twice. One attack was a failed attempt to conquer me, and another was a failed attempt to seize a vassal of mine. In return, I attempted to seize her best vassal, attacking her wall four times. I tried one more time for her second best vassal, and I was successful. Now her attack rating has dropped so she’ll leave me alone, and I get a relatively strong knight in my service once the rescue period has passed.

The next day, I received a Facebook message from a person playing as a vassal of Melissa who is apparently playing the game for her while she is away, or not. Whatever the case, I get a letter in character asking me to release the vassal I seized. I agreed, released the vassal, and received 100 gold coins as thanks.

Now, reading the above text was a rather dry telling of the tale. It mainly dealt with the mechanics of the game. Here’s how I saw it, though.

A courier entered my kingdom and presented a message from Sir Kellen, vassal of the Lady Viscountess Melissa and acting steward of the Kingdom of GodHand (OK, that part is comedy gold):

My Lord Baron Gianfranco

All the realms know of your nobility and valor. I have come to call
upon you but to ask of you one small favor on behalf of my liege the Lady
Viscountess Melissa for whom I am serving as Steward these past few

It has come to my attention that the gallant Sir Gordon has fallen into
your service. I know not how such a thing should have come to pass
since all know a noble as gallant as you would not stoop so low. No doubt
some rebels in your court did seize him without thine knowledge.
However it came to pass, Sir Gordon is a great ally to my Lady and a dear
dear friend to us all. Would that you could find it in your heart to
release him from your servitude know that both our kingdoms would be
eternally in your debt.

Perhaps then we can talk of an alliance of our kingdoms or of at least
a mutual friendship and cease fire, my lord. Though my own holdings are
small, my Lady’s kingdom grows very strong. Though she has only been
playing for a short time, already she is ranked amongst the top 2500
nobility in all the Realms of Facebook. Rest assured her meteoric rise
shall continue in the coming weeks and with your assistance no doubt we
can see all of our kingdoms rise in glory to become the envy of all the

What say you my lord? Can our kingdoms begin this today to embark upon
an era of friendship and cooperation between our peoples? Or shall we
go a darker course?

I patiently await your most wise decision.

Sir Kellen
Vassal to the Lady Viscountess Melissa
Acting Steward of the Kingdom of GodHammer

Let it never be said that Baron Gianfranco has a stone for a heart! I sent the courier back to his liege with the following message:

Sir Kellen,

I am pleased to have received your message on behalf of the viscountess. It seems that perhaps a grave misunderstanding has occurred. I was under the impression that your liege had tried to conquer my kingdom, for her armies had to be dissuaded twice by my defending army. As retaliation, I sent my own forces in to take her best knight, but being that Sir Walter was too difficult to obtain without much bloodshed, I settled for Sir Gordon.

Assure the Lady Viscountess Melissa that I mean no ill will towards her or her kingdom, and that I was merely protecting my vassals from potential future attacks. Sir Gordon has been enjoying his stay in my tower in the past day, and already I can see why your liege would appreciate his return. He is a fine and loyal knight.

I do not wish to deprive such a brave soldier from the honor of serving his liege. In light of your most civil message of peace, I shall release Sir Gordon, and I hope, should our paths cross again, that we meet with tankards rather than swords.

Baron Gianfranco
Sovereign leader of the Capital of Gianfranco

I released Sir Gordon from his hold in the tower, and I presented him with the following message:

Sir Gordon,

It has come to my attention that you have mistakenly been spending the past day in my tower when you should be with your liege, the Lady Viscountess Melissa. I have released you, and you may return to serving the viscountess.

Baron Gianfranco,
Sovereign leader of the Capital of Gianfranco

Once Sir Gordon had been returned to his former liege, I was surprised to find the courier had returned with a payment of 100 gold coins as thanks from Sir Kellen. The amount wasn’t significant, but the gesture was. While I have no intention on joining into a formal alliance or swearing fealty to the viscountess, I am sure that our future interactions will be more peaceful. That is more than I could say for either Viscount Iain or Baron Nathan, each of whom are missing a major vassal as punishment for daring to attack me. Their vassals will be in my tower until their loyalty belongs to me. Lady Cami and Sir JD should make for good subjects in my kingdom. Fortunately, there is room in my tower since Knight TJ, formerly of Viscount Fred’s service, had decided that he preferred my kingdom much sooner than I expected.

And I have a feeling I would have enjoyed Ultima Online if I would have played it. B-)

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Gosh, you really are crazy on this game, aren’t you?
So am I! I’m a Count in KH .. and its really exciting!

So .. how’s your WM exploits? Still going strong?

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