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New Gibbage Website Offers Cash to Indies

Announced in the Indiegamer forums, Gibbage is now sharing its money with indies.

For most, going ‘full-time’ indie is a mere pipedream. Without cash upfront, it’s difficult to be able to dedicate the amount of time and resources necessary to make something truly awesome. Frankly, this is a tragic loss for us gamers, because what these people can do with a couple of lines of code and a copy of Photoshop is nothing short of astounding.

From now on, every penny of profit this site gains will be plugged directly into funding future independent game projects. That doesn’t mean me hacking together some rubbish code while slurping on caviar you’ve kindly provided, that means hiring professional artists and coders to make interesting, high-quality, funny, funky and brilliant games for you to enjoy.

Basically, Dan Marshall is making enough money to survive that anything he gets from Gibbage will be given back to the indie community. If he sees a struggling indie doing cool things on a practically non-existent budget, he’ll contribute part of the earnings to that budget, which will presumably make the cool things even cooler.

It’s an interesting idea, and Dan, the mind behind the popular Gibbage game, is certainly taking a brave step with it. It seems to me that he has taken on the guise of an angel investor who is very aggressive about giving away his money. He explained a bit of his plans on IndieGamer.

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