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Thousander Club Update: December 18th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 241.25 / 1000
Game Ideas: 616 / 1000

Target: 987

Only two more weeks!

So I found that I could still come up with 100 ideas, which was surprisingly difficult and easy, depending on the hour. I managed to get multiple aliens to move about, which involved replacing the single alien sprite with a vector of alien sprites. It was a bit tricky, but it was due to my lack of experience with erasing members from a vector.

To handle the movement of the aliens, I have a section of code that looks like:

static int step = 1;
if (alien->X() > 970 || alien->X() < 74)
step *= -1;

Basically, if the alien goes too far to either side, it reverses direction. I thought I would need to replace this variable with an array of variables, but it worked surprisingly well. The aliens all reverse direction together when the far left or far right aliens exit the range.

I am thinking that the alien sprite is too large, however. There are only eight aliens across right now, and they move back and forth too quickly. If I add code to allow them to move down after hitting the sides, the player would have almost no time to fight back. I should also find a way to slow them down in general.

The good news is that I am taking the rest of the year off at my day job, which means that I have this week to work on my own game development. Next week I will be celebrating Christmas and getting last minute shopping/gift wrapping/etc done. I will break down my week into certain tasks I would like to accomplish, and I will try to give progress reports each day.

3 replies on “Thousander Club Update: December 18th”

Sounds great. It would be cool if you take your time off and make this a “proper” polished release, with art, menus, effects(does kyra have blending support?), etc. As always I’m willing to be your windows release engineer, a job that I’ve been pretty bad at so far :).

Impossible: I do hope to make this a proper, finished game. It may take longer than this week, but I’d like to see this game on my website as something I could either give away or sell. Unless I add some unique feature to it, though, I don’t see it selling.

Lakibuk: Presumably you meant <, which the blog comment software ate up as a regular HTML tag, and yes. As I copied the code into the blog post, I used


for all of the pointers, and I just kept using it. It’s fixed now. B-)

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