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Game Tunnel’s 2006 Game of the Year Awards

Did it sneak up on you? It snuck up on me! Game Tunnel’s 2006 Game of the Year awards calendar is up, and two categories have already been published!

The awards have already been distributed for the Best Sports Game and the Best RPG of 2006, and I don’t think who won was a big surprise.

In the coming month, you will see awards for Casual Game, Strategy Game. Sim Game, Action Game, and Quest/Adventure/Platform of the year. There are also dates to recognize outstanding games in Innovation, Multiplayer, and “Special Awards”.

And, of course, the month ends with a listing of the top 10 games of the year, including the winner of 2006’s Game of the Year. There is still time to vote for your favorite game, so do your duty!

3 replies on “Game Tunnel’s 2006 Game of the Year Awards”

Actually, I was quite surprised that Aveyond didn’t win Best RPG, but I have to add that I didn’t play FastCrawl yet.

Care to guess which game wins the big prize this year?

I dare not guess! Mostly it is because I haven’t played most of the games in the running. Only a few run on GNU/Linux, and the ones I play on Windows are generally for review purposes.

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