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Illinois Anti-Video Game Law Appeal Rejected, Still Costing Taxpayers

According to Game Politics, Governor Blagojevich’s administration has not paid the ESA’s legal fees in the court fight over “Safe Games Illinois”, the law that the governor managed to pass last year before it was ruled unconstitutional. Since the payment of over half a million dollars has not been made, the ESA is now asking for almost $8,000 in interest.

Also reported at Game Politics, apparently Blagojevich appealed portions of the unconstitutional law, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has affirmed the initial ruling.

You can read the entire ruling at Game Politics.

And you can see why I voted third party in this last election. If not, let me point you to one of my earlier posts where I dissected the arguments used to support the unconstitutional laws. Statistics were used in a blatantly deceptive way, and the video game industry was targetted even though the same “supporting” arguments and evidence would have shown that the movie industry was even more of a danger to the children the law was supposed to be protecting. I personally became convinced that this law was just an example of opportunism and politics, and it showed me that I can’t trust this administration.