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Indie Game Developers Thankful for…

While Thanksgiving is an American holiday, I figure that this post might appeal to a few of you international readers as well. What are you thankful for as an independent game developer?

I can name a few things:

  • Quick and easy access to information on the world wide web covering a range of topics from game design to programming to marketing to personal development.
  • Inexpensive or freely available game development tools, such as compilers, game engines, 2D/3D art creation applications, and even operating systems.
  • Ease of distribution of digital data.
  • Personal contacts made through various forums, including the Indie Gamer forums and ASP newsgroups
  • Love…of roller coasters.
  • The people in #gamedevelopers on
  • Compound interest.
  • Qatfish.
  • The knowledge that I am capable of much more and that I haven’t done anything compared to what I have the potential to do.
  • My blog readers, who sometimes act as my conscience and keep me accountable to my goals.

Happy thanksgiving!

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