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Happy Curmudgeon Day!

Many people call today Black Friday because it is the day that most companies make all of their revenues from Christmas shopping, putting them back in the black. Stores open with lines long enough to rival a next-gen console launch due to just 6 hours in which almost all products are incredibly discounted. I didn’t know about this holiday many years ago, and I accidentally walked into a store during the middle of the sale. I figured it was just busy due to the fact that it was the first day of Christmas shopping. I picked up a copy of the Starcraft battle chest because it was only $15. When I finally made it to the register, I found out that it was $7. Good deal!

Since then, however, I have avoided Black Friday. Not because I don’t like sales, but because I don’t like the hassle of standing in a line that is snaking around the store just to buy one or two small products at a discount. Express lanes don’t count on Black Friday. My time is worth more than some discount.

And for the past few years, I have participated in the ritual of Baking. My girlfriend’s family spends the week after Thanksgiving baking cookies, brownies, and other sweets. My favorite have been buckeyes, which are peanut-butter balls dipped in chocolate. Multiple ovens are being used at once, egg timers ring almost every few minutes, and the smell of baked goods permeates the air. While there are still lots of people around, it is definitely better to be baking than it is to be standing in line to spend money.

And, of course, someone has to have a game console or two. I have played games such as Halo 2, Super Mario Strikers, and others due to my girlfriend’s cousin being a big gamer.

Have a good weekend, everyone!