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Games 4 Girls Competition Registration Is Open

In an effort to attract more females to computer science, a male-dominated field, the Games 4 Girls competition asks college women to create computer games designed to be fun for middle or high school age women.

In previous competitions, Game Maker was required, but this year other tools and platforms can be used. The only requirement is that the games can run on Windows XP (the competition is partly sponsored by Microsoft, after all).

This past year’s winners were Cornell University’s Green, Eggs, and Pan, the University of California-Irvine’s Eterative Tale, and North Central College’s DummerUnfall. Honorable mention went to Fluff, created by the team from University of Buffalo.

For this year’s competition, each member of the winning team will be awarded $1,000. Second and third place team members will receive $500. Also, three teams will win $1,000 for their Women’s Club/Organization. If you are a female college student, and you’re interested in the competition, the registration date is December 22nd, 2006. Deadlines and general information about the competition can be found at the Games 4 Girls site.

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