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Thousander Club Update: November 13th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 218.25 / 1000
Game Ideas: 445 / 1000

Target: 882

I have printed out the manual for Autoconf, which is the tool used to create configuration scripts for a wide-variety of Unix-like systems. Together with Automake, it will allow me to make packages that users will simply need to configure && make && make install. So far, it doesn’t seem like it is too complicated, but it is difficult to find beginner documents that don’t assume you already know something. Interestingly, the Autotools book claims to be a tutorial, but it seems to give examples without explaining much, expecting you to use the reference manuals for the individual tools.

I intend to write my own set of tutorials since I think these tools would be much more useful to developers if they only knew how to use them.