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Thousander Club Update: October 30th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 211.75 / 1000
Game Ideas: 445 / 1000

Target: 840

I spent a few hours looking into various ways to implement frame-rate independent movement for my Pong clone. Yes, I am still dedicating time to it. I had discussed the topic with William Willing as well as Troy Hepfner of My Game Company. I even looked into my copy of “Game Programming Gems” since I knew it had four interpolation methods described, two of which are frame-rate independent.

William had pointed me to a thread on the Indie Gamer forums discussing the various methods. Some of it was hard to get my head around, but in the end I decided that I would look into interpolating with delta time…

…and sure enough, I checked and found that I had already gone this route before. Over a year ago I was working on Oracle’s Eye and tackled this problem, and I basically came to the same conclusion, which I describe in a previous post. The good news is that I am much more familiar with what is needed, and my solution can be implemented in a much better way. Last time, I think I had done something incorrectly, and the animation wasn’t very smooth anyway.

William had actually gone through the trouble of coding up some implementations for the various methods. I found his code useful to read through, and I think would make a good resource for others. How about it, William? Feel like posting the code? B-)

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If it’s useful to people, sure why not. I’ll walk through it one more time and maybe add some comments before I post it.

Oh sure, now I actually start thinking about writing a tutorial for each of the code samples. Can’t just publish the code and leave it at that. Noooo, a tutorial – or better yet, a series of tutorials – would be much more appropriate. It’s not like I have something better to do. *sigh*


See, kids? That’s a good teacher talking. He won’t be satisfied with just good enough. B-)

If you need any help, I can point out any parts that might need more explanation. You know, to give you more work. B-)

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