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Thousander Club Update: February 6th

While I could more easily catch up with the number of ideas I need for this week, I know it will be incredibly difficult to catch up with the number of hours to put in. After all, during a week, about 21 hours need to be fulfilled in the first place. To catch up with the previous hours I missed would be terribly difficult. But as Scott says, actually achieving the 1,000 hour mark is not as important as keeping development at the front of my consciousness. In the past 15 minutes to a couple of hours a week was considered good enough, but I joined the Thousander Club to do great. My status so far(actual#/for the week/for the year):

Game Hours: 7 / 21 / 1000
Game Ideas: 37 / 21/ 1000

So I did a little better with regards to new game ideas than I needed to for the week. Ideas are a dime a dozen, as they say, but it is still good to have them. There is no need to lose any creativity to forgetfullness since I’ll be able to leverage it in the future with new ideas.

Game development hours showed a marked improvement over the previous week. A few hours might not be directly related to Oracle’s Eye, but I’m counting my practice time with The Gimp since I think it is a skill that I can leverage with game development. I was using a number of tutorials, including the ones mentioned in an post as well as a few Gimp-specific ones. You can see the results of my work from Friday and Saturday morning here:

First attempt 35KB
Second attempt 57K
with planet! 55K
with atmosphere…kinda 54K

The rest of my time was spent on programming, and I will cover what I did in another post.

10 replies on “Thousander Club Update: February 6th”

Thanks! I actually do like the planet before I tried adding the atmosphere, and if I can cut back on the supernovas, the space scene can have a bit more depth. At this rate, I should become fairly proficient with The Gimp in no time.

I tried my hand at art, it’s linked in the indie gamer post, but is also on my blog near the top.

Good job on the 7 hours you got in! I probably won’t get any work done this week. A root canal and an apartment inspection by the landlord and landlady took care of that (cleaning most of the week). So you’ll be surpassing me in no time (maybe even surpassing Scott). I know you’re not in it to surpass anyone, but a little competition never hurt 🙂


I’m hoping to add some more hours for this week. I’ve already worked a few hours in the past couple of days, so that should help.

And yes, competition sounds good. First to 1,000 hours wins. B-)

Hehe I got 11 hours now 😉

By the way can I add your blog to my “roll” (actually I don’t really know what a blog roll is but in this context it means add it to my links section)


Absolutely! I don’t think people should need to ask permission to add a link to my site. I mean, isn’t that the whole point of the WWW? If everyone had to ask permission, it would be a lot smaller and probably a lot less useful.

I’ll catch up to your 11 soon enough. B-)

“If everyone had to ask permission, it would be a lot smaller and probably a lot less useful.”

Possibly, but then again it would be alot more polite. And if everyone is friendly then it can get bigger 🙂


Well, I never thought it was rude to link to someone’s site. On the other hand, it is cool to get an email saying, “Hey, I just linked to your site”. It certainly gives me warm-fuzzies.

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