LD33: Lunch Break and Progress Shots #LDJam

I came up with a name for the game. Originally, I wanted Imprisoned, but a quick search online found it was a somewhat popular name for a game.

So the name is now Free Me, You Idiots!, in the hopes that the game will actually feature some humorous personification-of-evil-interacting-with-morons action when I finally submit it.

. . . → Read More: LD33: Lunch Break and Progress Shots #LDJam

LD33: Breakfast, a Nap, and Some Ideas #LDJam

After getting up way earlier than I expected and doing some work, I took a break for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with freshly ground black pepper, buttered wheat toast, and of course a glass of orange juice.

I then felt that I needed a nap, and so did my cats. Here’s my angel food cat . . . → Read More: LD33: Breakfast, a Nap, and Some Ideas #LDJam

LD33: UI Mock-up #LDJam

It occurred to me that I would need a HUD and some stats to show the player. Here’s a mock-up of the UI.

So, it will look very similar to an RTS. I hope it will be intuitive.

I figured that a big component of this game will be the loyalties of the . . . → Read More: LD33: UI Mock-up #LDJam

LD33: Paper Prototype So Far #LDJam

The top left is the village, complete with villagers. The top right has the four magic stones surrounding the boulder that imprisons you, represented by the barrel.

The stars are your Energy, which is how you exert influence on villagers.

The bottom left is the forest, and the bottom right is the river. . . . → Read More: LD33: Paper Prototype So Far #LDJam

LD33: Good Morning, Ludum Dare! #LDJam

I’m either getting a head start on my morning, or I’m going to crash. I got up one hour and 45 minutes before my alarm for some reason.

I feel well-rested. Let’s see what happens.

My current task is to figure out the actual basic game play. I like the idea of keeping the interface . . . → Read More: LD33: Good Morning, Ludum Dare! #LDJam

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