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Atari 2600 Box Covers

A friend pointed me to Fun from Yesterday, a blog post that pokes fun at the Atari 2600 and its game box art.

I started to think that maybe the titles were different in different markets. After all, Another World is known as Out of This World in the United States. Then I realized that these covers were edited, and some of them were pretty funny.

But as a fun exercise, I tried to remember the real titles for all of those games:

  • Magna Carta is Warlords
  • Aliens vs Ghosts is Defender
  • Every Sport Ever is Video Olympics
  • Gay French Mario Bros is Circus Atari
  • Buzz Aldrin Space Rainbow Tennis is Super Breakout
  • Hey Steve,- Did We Ever Decide if… is Yar’s Revenge
  • Wrong Button is Missile Command

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with what the other games are, although I could guess at a few.

Also, to the people who make disparaging comments against E.T., I still own the cartridge, and I still think it is a fun game. And it turns out, I am not alone.

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One reply on “Atari 2600 Box Covers”

The others:

“Obligatory Educational Game” is “Math Gran Prix”
“Oh! I Say!” is “Dodge ‘Em”
“Pixel Bondage” is “Surround”
“Rainbow Tennis” is “Breakout”
“Motorbike Kid vs. the Hot-Rod Menace” is “Street Racer”
“Find the Koala” is “Concentration”
“Dude – We Shouldn’t Have Done that Acid…” is “Haunted House”
“It’s Fucking Checkers” is “Video Checkers”
“Winchester ’73” is “Outlaw”
“Tim Curry’s Magic Board” is “Othello”
“Starship Engineering Super Challenge” is “Basic Programming”
“The Dots of War” is “Codebreaker”
“Backgammon for Friendless People” is “Backgammon”
“Flamel Attacks” is “Brain Games”
“I am a Vegas Showgirl” is “Casino”
“Parachute Pete” is “Sky Diver”
“Superman: The Game” is “Superman”
“Salvador Dali’s Pinball Thrills” is “Video Pinball”
“The Secret Mission of Apollo 19” is “Star Ship”
“Wild and Groovy Moon Combat” is “Space War”
“I’ve Wasted My Life” is “Video Chess”
“Pixels at War” is “Air-Sea Battle”
“Terrorists in the Year 3000” is “Slot Racers”
“Old-Timey Cop with a Stick” is “Maze Craze”
“Surprisingly Literal Translation of the Box Cover Art” is “Demons to Diamonds”

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