My May #1GAM: Now with Lily Pads and Water Hazards

Last week, I wrote about my May #1GAM project’s progress, explaining that I haven’t been able to dedicate a lot of time this month to the project, partly due to day job crunch and partly due to travel and events going on around this time.

I was able to tweak the jumping physics a bit, and I’m much more satisfied with it. I like the idea of short hops getting the player into position to take a large leap and landing safely on the other lily pad.

As you can see in this updated May #1GAM demo video, I’ve split the lily pad into two, and now I’ve made the water a hazard:

If the frog falls in, it automatically swims to the nearest lily pad. It’s a constant speed, unlike the swimming motion that was mimicked so well in Frogs and Flies, but it’s in.

Since the player can’t control the frog when it is swimming, it means the player has less time to eat the flies before the sun goes down, and so therefore landing in the water means less points will be earned.

The next biggest thing to implement: flies and the eating of them. In hindsight, this aspect should have been implemented first, as it impacts how much I like the jumping physics, but I really wanted the swimming aspect in.

And I’ll follow it up with a score indicator and a timer to represent a day of fly-eating.

If I have time, maybe I’ll be able to replace the square with an actual animated sprite of a frog.

How’s your One Game a Month project going?

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