February #1GAM Entry: Electomagnetic Play

I managed to put my February entry for One Game a Month together mostly in the last couple of weeks, sometimes with only 15 minutes at a time to dedicate to working on it. It’s amazing how much comes together in 15 minutes.

Electromagnetic Play is currently only available for 64-bit Linux as I wanted to get it in under the deadline. I’ll work on ports later when I have some time.

Download Electromagnetic Play for Linux 64-bit (1.5MB tar.gz file)

A quick description of the evolution of the game.

I thought of having magnets that you use to move metal balls around an arena.

February 1GAM

Eventually I decided on a simple game in which you have to catch the balls in a metal bucket, and you can only move the bucket by charging magnets on either end.

February 1GAM

Once I had balls dropping and magnets charging when you clicked on the green buttons, I had something that was basically finished.

February 1GAM

Add some scoring and lose conditions…

February 1GAM

…and tweak the challenge a bit by level, and we have a game.

February 1GAM

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