Stupid ECommerce Website Design

I’ve been passively looking for a gaming laptop that can also run Gnu/Linux for some time now. It is easy to find laptops that run Gnu/Linux in general, and I know I can find some quality laptops with Gnu/Linux preinstalled from various websites such as Sub 300.

Desktop replacements can cost a lot of money as well, and I might be inclined to pay if I could guarantee that what I pay for actually works. I’ve read a number of articles on Linux on Laptops in which the laptops work…mostly. Things such as built-in wireless or hardware accelerated graphics or hibernate/restore functions can be unimplemented or poorly supported. Buying a laptop requires research for a Gnu/Linux fan in general, but a Gnu/Linux gamer needs to look even harder.

So I thought I found my salvation at Linux Voodoo when I found the X-Pad+ Wide Screen Gamer AMD. Holy cow! And it comes with Debian preinstalled and ready?! Sweet! How much?

Uh…how much?

You mean to tell me that I have to login just to see what the price is?!? Why?

Imagine if you wanted to buy some stuff online only to be told that you had to sign up at each and every website just to comparison shop. How many different accounts and logins would you have to keep track of? Would you like to keep tabs on that on top of the logins for the websites you actually shop at? I didn’t think so.

In the meantime, does anyone have a good suggestion for a gaming laptop that Gnu/Linux can run on?

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