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WARNING: Tomorrow’s Black Friday Creator Day 2023 and Reverse Sale

Between November 24th and November 28th, I’ll be increasing the price of my family-friendly game Toytles: Leaf Raking by 50% to take part in’s Black Friday Creator Day sale.

I think the game’s original price is more than generous, and a temporary increase still puts it under the cost for a movie ticket or a monthly subscription to a streaming service.

But if you would rather not spend more, then think of today as your last chance for a sale price. Pretend this normal price is actually a discount, and know that tomorrow the game will cost 50% more. Buy now!

Tomorrow is also a Creator Day at, which means all sales go straight to the creators of the games, and will not take a cut. So if you REALLY want to support indie game developers such as myself, then save your money for tomorrow.

Either way, know that I am thankful for your support!