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GDC 2015 Starts Today

Four years ago, I attended my first and only Game Developers Conference.

While many people find the conference overrated or a pain to travel to, I miss the energy of so many game developers in one place, sharing their passion and experience with each other.

I miss the Independent Games Summit and the AI Summit. I learned quite a bit from the sessions I attended, and I met quite a few game developers I only ever knew online for the first time.

I miss the Expo floor, not only for playing demos of everyone’s games but also to see what new trends and technologies might be coming.

I would love to check out the GDC Education Summit.

I want to see who will win at the Indie Games Festival and how Nathan Vella compares to Andy Schatz as host. I’m sure he’ll be great, and he’ll say inspirational things we’ll all want to write about. No pressure.

I’ll be following this year’s action on Twitter and on Gamasutra, unless anyone has any better recommendations.

While my wife and I are still watching Oscar-nominated films, I’m surprised I haven’t been looking into playing Seumas McNally-nominated games. I’ll fix that now.

Congratulations to all of the finalists for the IGF! I see many of you have a GNU/Linux version of your game, and I’m looking forward to trying them out.