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GOG Galaxy: The DRM-Free Online Gaming Platform

I haven’t been following much of the news, but apparently GOG has an optional client to use that will automatically update your games and allow you to play online with friends.

They call it GOG Galaxy:

I found out about it because I just got an email offering me a free copy of Alien vs Predator Classic in exchange for joining their beta-test program. Oddly, for such a huge service, I am surprised I only just learned about it from them.

I’ve been a big fan of GOG’s DRM-free approach. I know Steam is now available for GNU/Linux, but I haven’t found myself too compelled to run it regularly. Most of the games I have purchased online came from the Humble Bundle or GOG, partly because they are DRM-free offerings I can play on my preferred system.

I know people like the convenience of Steam, but the concept of DRM, the idea that what I can do with the games I purchased is restricted in arbitrary ways, still bothers me. Single player games which require you to be online to play, or games that complain that I’ve installed them one too many times or on too many of my own systems? No thanks.

I’m interested in what GOG is offering, if only because it is optional and still allows me to play my games no matter what. I just wish that Alien vs Predator was available for GNU/Linux. As it is, I apparently signed up for the beta-test of the Windows version.