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June #1GAM: Swimming and Boulders; Also, Is It Too Ambitious?

Last week, I posted a video of dancing coconut trees for my One Game a Month project for June.

I ran into some technical issues when loading and rendering the world and its objects in the right place, and so I didn’t get as much accomplished this weekend as I would have liked.

I still don’t have an inventory system, but I thought about adding a shark to the game, which means that the player should be able to enter the deep water for at least short periods of time before drowning.

June #1GAM

The Castaway, in his pampered past life, never learned how to swim.

I’ve also added rocks. I’ve been experimenting with making them look right. Above, they were large boulders, but they looked odd when the player was standing next to them. Below, they are a bit smaller width-wise, but I made them tall to avoid making it look like you could pick them up. It’s…odd.

June #1GAM

Still, now it is possible to have areas of the island that are impassable unless you take a more roundabout route.

As it stands, the game has day/night cycles, a large island to explore, two objects (coconut trees and boulders), water to swim in as well as wade through, and hunger.

But it still isn’t really a game.

Next up:

  • make the player die from hunger
  • give the player a new object that helps alleviate hunger
  • give the player a temporary mount of time to be in deep water before drowning

I would like some concept of fatigue, a way to create a shelter, weather effects such as rain, animals such as sharks and crabs, and an end goal. I worry that I can’t do it all by Monday, though. I’m half-tempted to churn out something simple for this month and continue working on this project next month.

One reply on “June #1GAM: Swimming and Boulders; Also, Is It Too Ambitious?”

If you decide to do something simple, how about some kind of dancing palm tree game? Perhaps you have to dance WITH the trees. Score points for ever more impressive dance moves. But be careful! If your moves are too hot, you burn the tree and lose a life…

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