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The 2012 0h Game Jam

For a lot of people in the world, it is time to set the clocks back an hour. Thanks, Benjamin Franklin.

During the daylight time change, there’s an hour between 2AM and 2AM on Sunday, but due to the fact that it looks like no hours have passed, the question remains: can you make a game in 0 hours?

You can check on the hashtag #0hgame to see how development has gone around the world. Europe has finished their 0h Game Jam. You can see completed games at In 0 hours, you can expect some simple yet off-the-wall stuff to be made.

The “keynote” is a bit odd as well:

I’m getting ready for 0h game development by seeing Wreck-It Ralph tonight. Even if it doesn’t help provide any inspiration, it should be a fun time with friends.

Are you participating? How are you preparing?