Sell More Software with the Software Marketing Glossary

As an independent game developer, I’m always interested in learning not only how to better make games but also how to better market and sell them.

One great online resource I’ve found is the Software Marketing Glossary. It’s full of ideas to help indie game developers sell more software.

That link takes you to the article on selling, which has a few great ideas for upselling, even if you only have one game to offer. For instance, are you offering your customer the chance to not only buy your game for him/herself but also to buy a second copy as a gift for a friend?

In the rest of the glossary, you’ll also find definitions for marketing terms you might not be familiar with, in-depth articles such as tips on crafting your sales message, links to great resources, and even short book reviews, usually with links to longer reviews.

With the Software Marketing Glossary, even complete software marketing beginners can get a good overview and come away with some actionable knowledge to help sell their games.