Life Achievement: Co-op Mode Unlocked

Today, in front of our friends and family, my fiancée and I will exchange vows and become husband and wife. In doing so, we will agree to share our lives together, unlocking a new game play mode in our world.

A lot of people think of love as something that fills a hole in your heart. Luciano de Crescenzo said, “We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other.” Jerry Maguire said, “You complete me.” Countless songs, TV shows, and movies make it seem as if finding The One will make you happy.

In reality, love is not a togetherness based out of need. Couples aren’t two halves that belong together. They’re each complete individuals. They choose to be together because they want to, because they enrich each others lives, because together, they make each other more wonderful and amazing human beings.

My fiancée is my best friend. She’s been a source of encouragement, support, and inspiration. She’s a great teacher and my favorite dance partner. I love her, and I always will.

I look forward to us traveling through life, side by side, hand in hand, from now on.

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Warmest congratulations! You just levelled up your life! Welcome to the elite guild of married men, where a whole new set of quests (primarily fetch quests) open up to you. You will gain twice the XP from here on. Prepare for a wild adventure filled with joy and happiness. Life is great.

OK, maybe I’m a geek, but co-op mode sounds way more romantic and fulfilling than the “you complete me” nonsense that romance novels and songs are so fond of. 🙂

Congratulations, GB. I wished more people would understand that love is a commitment, not just a feeling. The “love feeling” fades sometimes, but as long as you stand strong in your commitment to love each other, the feeling always comes back. Best to you both!

Not checked my links for a bit, just thought I’d say congratulations 🙂 I wish you both the very very best 🙂

Will there be any DLC? (Delightful Little Children 😉

P.S. Love the post title, very clever 😀

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