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Happy Anniversary, GBGames!

It’s been five years since I first formed an LLC. Last year’s anniversary post mentioned that I was not happy with the previous four years of part-time progress and hinted at what I planned to do about it.

A few months later, I was a full-time indie game developer.

And I wish I had something exciting to post on this five year anniversary of GBGames, LLC, but being full-time and focusing so much more of my time and energy towards my business has taught me a lot, including how much I don’t know about making games.

But since going full-time, I’ve attended my first Game Developers Conference, broke ground on my first major project, and learned first-hand about the trials and tribulations of running my business.

When I was running GBGames part-time, I had “corporate welfare” keeping me going if I wasn’t able to produce much. Now, if I don’t produce, I have a dwindling savings account to look at. In other words, there’s a bit more urgency when I work.

As stressful as it might be, this last year has been my best one yet. I’m doing what I want, dedicating as much time as I want to it, and having a more fulfilling and fun life. And frankly, having a window in my office beats a cool screensaver in a cube any day. B-)

In the coming year, I will be releasing my first major commercial games, and I’ll finally get to apply all of those sales and marketing tips I’ve been learning.

Here’s to five more years!

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5 replies on “Happy Anniversary, GBGames!”

That’s good to know. I’ve been keeping an eye on your example ever since you made that decision last year, and I have finally come to terms with a similar one. This Monday, I gave my two weeks notice at my day job. Starting April, I will focus on my masters studies (computer science) and do game development for the rest of the time.

My motivations were very similar to yours, and honestly your decision was one of the factors that encouraged me. I turned 25 last month, and if you were willing to take that risk at 30, I didn’t see a reason why I couldn’t do that now. I still have some sources of (somewhat) stable income that should keep me going for a while. But from now on, I will focus on what’s important. I will live life, spend time with family, and work in what I like instead of what I’m told.

Happy Anniversary, and wishing you the best of luck!

That’s awesome, RandomizeR! Congratulations on making the decision, and good luck to you!

Jake, it was great to meet you, too!

And thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes! B-)

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