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LD#15: Mineral Miner – Final Entry


I did it! I submitted my entry just in time for the end of the competition, too! And it is the first time since LD#11 that I’ve submitted a game with audio, no matter how jarring!

You can download the GNU/Linux version here: Mineral Miner for GNU/Linux: 1.2MB

I’ll try to have a Windows port up as soon as possible. Mineral Miner for Windows: 2.1MB

Use the arrow keys to move around.
Press the space bar to jump into and out of the front of your tank.

Collect all the minerals and return to the exit to finish the level.
You can only hold one set of minerals at a time. Return the minerals you collected to your tank to collect more.
Watch out for monsters! If you get too close to a monster lair, a monster will come out and attack you. You’ll have to find a way to stop them from coming out.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and finished a game in 48 hours!

2 replies on “LD#15: Mineral Miner – Final Entry”

That was a pretty neat game there. I compiled and played it on Linux Mint with no trouble. It took me a bit of thinking to realize the secret of stopping all of the monsters, but I certainly did think you clever when I finally figured it out.

Congrats on finishing your game, btw. I was following your progress, but I’ve only just now gotten around to playing it.

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