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Ludum Dare #13 Starts Tonight!

Ludum Dare, the 48-hour solo game development competition, will start tonight at 10PM CST. You can check all of the action at the main competition blog.

The theme voting had been separated into four rounds. The winning theme will be announced at the start of the competition, and we’ll have 48 hours to make a game based on that theme. There are currently 16 themes in the running.

As always, I’ll be cross-posting between the official Ludum Dare blog and my own blog. I’m looking forward to this weekend. It’s always fun, and it is easy to learn new things when you are focused so intently for two days straight. Be sure to check out my tips for participating in Ludum Dare if you plan on participating!

Last time I barely managed to put some game play into my submission, and while I got compliments for my approach, I got a lot of comments like, “Too bad it wasn’t a game.” My goal for this competition is to have the game play established within the first 6 hours of work. I’ll probably go to sleep at the start of the competition, so Saturday should see the basic game play before I stop for dinner if all goes well.

Good luck to everyone who enters! Let’s make games!

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