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Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween, and that means things that go bump in the night and candy and scary costumes. Or these days, sexy costumes. No complaints, though. B-)

Anyway, what’s your favorite scary video game?

I have to include Alien vs Predator 2 at the top of my list. The first few marine levels were really tense, and there were no enemies! It was just like being in one of the movies.

Resident Evil 4 was pretty scary as well, but I seem to have misplaced the first disc so I can’t play it.

And who can forget playing Eternal Darkness? Insanity is creepy! has a collection of quality indie horror games. I enjoyed playing The Last Stand 2 and a few of the Boxhead series of games. The latest one is Boxhead Halloween, in which you need to save civilians from the zombies.

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One reply on “Happy Halloween!”

I like your list but have an all time favorite that I think some others would agree on:

Silent Hill

Yeah that’s right. Before the series became some ridiculous rpg like bs horror cliche it was an original hit with characters that engaged you in eerie ways and also enemies that made you jump out of your seat. Sounds that just caused nightmares and amazing PS1 graphics. They really couldn’t do much better.

Don’t ask me what happened in part 2 and above cause they all suck but the original was simply amazing. The movie wasn’t half bad either.

I think RE4 was one of the best games I’ve ever played but I still think RE1 was better in terms of puzzle/adventure. Part 4 had more of a shooter/action feel to it which I certainly ate up. I also can’t wait for RE5!


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