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Thousander Club Update: August 18th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 409.25(previous two years) + 114.5 (current year) = 523.75 / 1000
Game Ideas: 710 (previous two years) + 36 (current year) = 746 / 1000

I managed a few hours of development this past week, which is quite a few less than I expected to do, but progress is progress. I reorganized my subversion repositories with the goal of separating common libraries into their own project that can be included by my own projects. Before this change, each project was in its own repository, and they had the same build scripts for the same custom libraries, which was a lot of duplication. Subversion has something called svn:externals which allows my checked out project to essentially include a different project under it. It should be pretty handy for common tools, scripts, and code across projects.

I finally got around to changing the drawing of the goal in Minimalist from a blue filled rectangle to an actual sprite image.


I want it to animate with the text spinning around it, but the important thing is that it does a better job of standing out from the red rectangles.

Also, I would like to change the name of the game. Minimalist got its name from the theme of Ludum Dare #11, but I think the game should be named something more appropriate. I’m thinking Walls, since the game now features obstacles that close in on you.

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3 replies on “Thousander Club Update: August 18th”

You should really change the name to just “GOAL” Less is more. Plus it will look better graphically.

Well, I haven’t finalized the name yet, but my thinking is that Minimalist wasn’t descriptive enough, and Walls pretty much tells you what is in the game. I’m not entirely convinced with Goal, since it is very abstract. Lots of games have Goals. When people talk about this game, will it be more likely that they’ll call it “The Walls game” or “The Goal game”? Again, I haven’t picked a final name for it, but I’m still open to suggestions and convincing. B-)

After talking to Mandy in person, I learned she meant that I should change the sprite to say “GOAL” instead of changing the name of my game. Now that I understand what she meant, I agree. The usage of the definite article is pointless. I could see it working if EVERYTHING was labeled the same way, but with this game, it looks weird, in a bad way.

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