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Chicago Game Developer Gathering Today

This post is a reminder that the Chicago Game Developer Gathering is tonight. The panel of indie developers will discuss what it takes to start (and run) a business, how they create games, and what lessons they can share.

I’ll be joined on the panel with Mike Boeh of Retro64, Shawn Recinto of Immersive Realms, and Chauncy Hollingsworth of Zephyr Syndicate. When I participated in the conference call to talk about the panel, it’s obvious that everyone is excited about this event.

Hopefully you’re one of the many people who have registered for it, and I hope to see you there! If you’re not one of those people, I was told that there will be notes and photos up within a few days, and a video should be up a week or so later.

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One reply on “Chicago Game Developer Gathering Today”

That was a nice post.
Like the way you wrote.
Online games have been expanding like wildfire lately.
Plethoras of gaming website coming up lately are a testimony to this.

However as a core gamer, I found many of them missing the depth.

Of the many WATGame was the one that caught my attention. Clearly written by a passionate gamer, the articles had that distinctive feel to them.

I would like to know of any more that you would like to suggest on such topics.

Happy Writing!

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