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Thousander Club Update: March 10th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 409.25(previous two years) + 23.25 (current year) = 432.5 / 1000
Game Ideas: 710 (previous two years) + 35 (current year) = 745 / 1000

First the bad: I had multiple days off from the day job this past week, but I still only managed to dedicate something like 10 hours total? Come on, Self!

The good: I have a EULA for the game. To make things simple for me, I will use a Creative Commons license and keep the source proprietary. I did a bit of research before deciding on using a pre-existing EULA, and CC licenses are standard, well-known, and easy to understand.

The game will be freeware, and it will currently only run on x86 GNU/Linux platforms. I will distribute a tar.gz file.

After I figure out some logistics, I can release the source to the game. I can also provide an installer which will output a EULA that the player needs to agree to before the game is installed. I’m actually surprised at the number of shareware games out there that just install without even presenting a EULA. If you want your customers to legally be bound by the terms of your EULA, you need to present it to them BEFORE they install. Otherwise, your EULA will not hold up in a court of law.

Even further down the line is getting this game to be cross-platform friendly. Ideally I can use something like mingw on my GNU/Linux machine to build an executable for Windows. I’m sure some code changes will be necessary, but I hope I have anticipated them. For one thing, I learned that SDL video and SDL audio needs to be initialized together on Windows for some reason. I have a comment in my code as a TODO item. I don’t know if I can also create a Mac OS X build, but if I can’t, then I should be able to enlist the help of a Mac-using friend. I could always buy myself a Mac, especially since the Mac Minis are so darn cute, I mean, inexpensive.

In anticipation for the release of my game, I have created a web page for it: Killer Kittens from Katis Minor is “coming soon”! I’m excited! Are you excited?

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