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Chicago Game Developer Gathering On March 26th

Since a Chicago Indie Game Developer Club meetup hasn’t happened in a long time, Shawn Recinto of Immersive Realms has taken it upon himself to organize one, but he apparently got a bit overzealous. Now it’s announced as a Chicago Game Developer Gathering, and it even has its own website at Go ahead. Check it out. It’s pretty snazzy!

But this meetup isn’t just a meetup anymore! It’s a panel of indies talking to budding game developers about how they got started, what they do on their projects, and what lessons to take away from it all.

Oh, and somehow I am on the panel, along with Mike Boeh of Retro64 and Shawn Recinto. The event will be moderated by DePaul University’s Joe Linhoff.

Wednesday, March 26th 2008 from 6-8pm
924 at DePaul University’s CTI, 243 South Wabash Ave

Registration Ends Monday, March 17th 2008

The agenda on the website gives an overview of the topics we’ll be discussing but I have a feeling that Q&A time is going to be more interesting. Want to attend? Be sure to register soon!

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