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Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve each year, my parents host a dinner at their house. Being an Italian household, there is an abundance of seafood and pasta. After dinner, the men will usually play poker, the women will talk, and the children will either watch television or play video games.

I brought my Gamecube. I’m not as big a fan of poker. B-)

Also, each year there is an unspoken contest between me and my sister. We each have a stocking up, and each year I put a walnut in her stocking. Occasionally I’ll find it back in my stocking, and we try to avoid being the one with the walnut on Christmas Day. I just checked, and I’m still winning. Another aspect of the game is that since it is never announced, it’s always part of the fun to see if I can make it to Christmas without her even being aware that the game has started.

Christmas 2007 - The Walnut

Merry Christmas!

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Neat, Merry Christmas GB

This year i got a playstation 3 and an xbox 360 — (essentially my dad worked alot and got some money so he bought the ps3, i made my money and i bought the x360)

It’s essentially our Christmas though. It’s neat. Dad wrecked the ham (actually he didn’t really wreck it as such. Basically we couldn’t get a big enough bucket to soak it in, so we did it the best we could, problem was it wasn’t enough and it turned out way too salty to eat. Not to mention not very good tasting). So we ate Chinese food instead 😉

Cue funny engrish singing ala A Christmas Story

You know, I was looking for that movie on TV and couldn’t find it! I was so disappointed. It’s a tradition! Instead, Robots was on.

I ended up playing Super Mario Sunshine and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time all Christmas day, though.

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