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Excited about PS3 Price Drop?

I received an email from informing me that the PS3 dropped in price.

Let’s get right to it, lowered in price $100 the Sony 60GB PS3 is now available for $499! Armed with the Blue-ray Disc player, built-in HDD, 1080p high-def output, Wi-Fi connectivity and SIXAXIS wireless controller, what else could you possibly want from a serious gaming system?

I replied to myself with “How about games?”

While I admit that I haven’t been following the games available for any of the latest generation consoles and so don’t know much about games available for the PS3, I find the next line pretty telling:

On top of that, from now until September 30, purchase a PS3 and receive 5 free Blu-ray movies with mail-in redemption.

Uh, this “serious gaming system” should let me play games still, right? When Sony first announced the PS3, I remember thinking that the fanboys have their work cut out for them. No games announced. It was just a very powerful computer system. Oh, and it played movies in a format that no one has.

Today, are there any games for PS3 that merit buying a PS3? Even with the “price drop”? Is anyone really that excited about being able to purchase a PS3 at what I still consider too high a price for a video game console? The Wii has some interesting games, although as I understand it there seems to be a lack of interesting new games coming in the near future. The 360 has XBLA. What does the PS3 have going for it? What games can I get with the $100 savings? Or am I supposed to be happy with buying more Blu-ray movies…which I already own on DVD and can watch on my laptop or using the television-connected DVD player? It’s not even perfectly backwards compatible with the PS2, so why not purchase that system instead? There are hundreds of games available for it.

Last week, I was having a blast playing the SNES game Smash TV with my girlfriend’s nephew…on my old SNES. I don’t feel like I am missing out on the next gen experience. Anyone else?

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I’ve got a 360, and I’m very happy with it. I feel like I have a decent assortment of games already, and things are about to get very exciting for me. (Blue Dragon, Bioshock, Halo 3, and some others this year.)

But as for the PS3, there’s not much that would pull me in. Resistance looks neat, but it doesn’t sell me the system. There’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Virtua Fighter 5, but I have (basically) the former on my original xbox, and the latter will be out soon for the 360.

So I guess the answer is no. I’m not excited. Final Fantasy 13 and White Knight Story might interest me eventually, though.

pfft, you guys and your computer-assisted forms of entertainment. Just last week I spent many an hour with just a deck of cards! Cards! It was awesome I tell you (oooh and booze was involved)

To be honest, I was more excited about the 360 price drop than the PS3 price drop. Considering my PS2 requires a precise and detailed ritual before it will allow me to actually play any games (I think I prefer blowing into the NES. At least that was laugh-worthy), and at one point it just decided it wasn’t going to play DVDs at all, buying a PS3 just seems like a masochistic thing to do. But hey, I can get an upgrade to the DVD player I was supposed to get with my PS2. At least for a few months, until that stops working as well.

This wave of next-gen consoles has been handled rather poorly. Not only are they introducing new things that are seeming to take the place of actual gaming, but they’re releasing systems with a few horribly underwhelming games rushed to production, and the promise of more horribly underwhelming games to come. But not until fourth quarter, of course.

I’m just hoping Sony stops getting the lion’s share of RPGs, but somehow I doubt that’s going to happen. Evidently I’m going to be sticking with computer games.

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