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Thousander Club Update: June 25th

For this week’s Thousander Club update:

Game Hours: 262.25 (previous year) + 136.75 (current year) = 399 / 1000
Game Ideas: 616 (previous year) + 57 (current year) = 673 / 1000

I have managed to implement a slider control. I wasn’t too happy that I was reinventing the wheel, but the idea of incorporating any of the third-party GUI libraries I found into my existing project just to allow the player to use a slider for the audio seemed like too much effort at this point. In fact, at one point I was thinking about doing a major overhaul on my event system in order to accommodate this one feature more easily. I may still end up doing so since it will greatly improve the way my game handles any event. If I am going to go that far, though, I might as well try to incorporate something like Guichan. And then I’m back to thinking that it is too much work for a small feature, and Killer Kittens is already way past the original date I thought I would finish it.

On the other hand, maybe spending more time on this project means that I will go through the pain up front so that later games don’t suffer as much. I already have a one-button build that will work well with later projects, so getting my UI elements working better might be a good use of my time.

In any case, I have a working volume control so that a player won’t have to worry about the sound effects overpowering the music he/she may want to play, and this feature is what I wanted to finish this past week.

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Hmm… is there anything that seems incomplete about the game to you. I mean truely incomplete? a missing escape key, some status screen you failed or something? If not then i’d say don’t worry about anything else in this game. I would say it was complete, when it has a menu, and the game itself has all the features you want in it. And you can exit it 🙂

Then look at an element of the game you would want to improve, (pick only one) and then work on that element’s functionality first… then build your next game with it. Then when finished with that one, pick another feature. Build a library up for yourself of all those things. Eventually you’ll just be able to pick and choose functions that you need and be cranking out games in no time (or at the very least be able to focus on a specific game feature that doesn’t go into the library).


Perhaps I should do a limited release to see how people like (or not like) it. If it doesn’t bother them, then I am making a problem where there is none. If it does, then I know I need to fix it. Either way, I really need to release this game. Thanks for the advice, Keith!

I’d definitely want to check it out. You can email me the source when its ready. I also promise to give you helpful feedback on what you need to finish the game, and the gameplay in general.

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